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“Not everyone has a chance to do big things in life, yet every human being was born with a bounty of doing something. No matter how small, apart from their advantages and shortcomings.”

Here, Ruang Terampil Sepatokimin slowly took shape and grew. Reflecting from our shortcomings, we walk hand in hand, build our dreams by maximizing the untapped potentials.

Here, Ruang Terampil Sepatokimin slowly took shape and grew. Reflecting from our shortcomings, we walk hand in hand, build our dreams by maximizing the untapped potentials.

Since 2019, Ruang Terampil Sepatokimin embrace the leprosy survivors community in Desa Liposos, Pakunam, Singkawang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. The negative stigma attached to the lepers do not automatically vanish as survivors are stated cured. Social discrimination becomes their scourge once these survivors make a come back to the society. Survivors, whom mostly work as farmers, often being treated differently and find hardship selling their crops in good value.

In order to promote survivors of Ruang Terampil gaining proper acknowledgement, Sepatokimin Initiative designs inclusive training and community building materials to open up wider opportunity to the locals. Ecoprint is chosen in response to Singkawang diverse plant varieties to produce natural dyed motives. Besides, ecoprint does not require delicate hand skills like other craft techniques which helps survivors in Ruang Terampil to learn and follow the production process more easily, despite their physical limitations. Natural dyes and fabrics used in ecoprint also minimize environmental damage to the land soil where survivors grow their crops. Today, twelve households have joined and continue evolving with Sepatokimin Initiative.

Bu Aluan arranged leaves and flowers for our custom ecoprint fabric design
Pak Rabuli and Asmuri posing with our ecoprint fabrics
Releasing the leaves. Voila!
Celebrating the colors of nature
Under the shades. Preserving the natural color of ecoprint fabrics
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Ecoprint fabrics can be made to varieties of functional products with high aesthetique value. It’s manual production process make each ecoprint products unique and limited. In the near future, Ruang Terampil Sepatokimin will continue developing and inovating on new colors and motives to produce attractive designs and products for local and international market. We hope, the broader public acceptance to Ruang Terampil’s ecoprint products will help to boost the survivors confidence as part of our one civil society, alongside with the improvement of their quality of life.

Exploring Nature

We experiment with local natural resources to expand many posibilities and ideas made into.


Natural Fabrics

In Ruang Terampil, we explore many alternatives of natural
fabrics which best suited for ecoprint and other natural


Our work mostly uses ecoprint technique to produce motives
and colors from local plants we find in our surrounding

Natural Dyes

We use natural dyes from barks and leaves to bring our
imagination to live
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Products & Collaborations

We transform our ecoprint fabrics into varieties of functional products to accomodate your daily needs and activities


Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk are light, breathable and durable, makes it suitable for daily wear clothing and other fashion items.

Check our products availability or contact us for more details.


Get the sense of nature on your daily functional products, why not? Ruang Terampil crafts notebook, pouch or bags to accompany you through the day.

Contact us for your custom corporate merchandising needs.

Product Collaboration

Make the impossible possible through collaboration!
We are very open to work together hand in hand making our drems come true while promoting social awareness for our assisted community in Liposos Village.

Come and let’s make it happend!