The Framework


It takes time to create a lasting impact. We believe in devoting at least a year of our time to help a community learn what it takes to be an exceptional artisan in creativity, production, and management.

The featured products and the community’s story later will be promoted to our network of potential partners (fashion and lifestyle brand/manufacturer). The Sepatokimin team will support the community in marketing and collaboration with the offtake partner, hoping the community will learn to handle the business process independently in the future.


Let's Work Together!

If you are a ...

Every Sepatokimin’s community partner has a unique product and service to offer. It comes in a range of craft products: from eco-print textile, natural beads, wooden accessories to several types of traditional and contemporary weaving textile. But they have one core value in common: to empower the hands of the maker. Transparency and fairness in production are essential for us. Every collaboration should be a place for both community and brand partners (a.k.a you!) to share their stories and ideas.

We support the artisans in narrating their stories in creative writing, photography, and videography. With an emic perspective, we make sure that it is their story that we amplify. We also encourage direct interaction between you as a brand and the community so both parties can enrich their perspective in fair social business practice at-length.


Our team consists of professional craft-based product designers, researchers, and business developers focusing on social enterprise. We provide what it needs to build a time-bound development project in the creative sector from the preliminary research, co-designing tools and practice, training and mentoring, product prototyping, social business strategy, and impact reporting.

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